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Is being a Zyia rep worth it?

Zyia Active is a direct sales company based in Sandy, UT. That means you can sign up to become a distributor, or Zyia Active rep, and sell their clothing for a commission. But should you?

People often ask if becoming a Zyia Active rep is worth it. As someone who joined Zyia as a rep, I’d like to share my thoughts and experience.

First of all, I wouldn’t advise anyone to sell anything they don’t love. If you love Zyia clothes, you’ll wear them often and tell other people about them naturally. You’ll be excited to talk about them on Instagram and other social media. That excitement will come across to your friends and acquaintances. Growing your business and making money will be fun!

Here is what I gained by joining:

  • A team of amazing women who have fun together and help each other succeed (seriously, this is the best!)
  • Lots of great Zyia clothes!
  • A 25% discount on my personal Zyia purchases
  • The ability to make money on a flexible schedule

To become a Zyia rep, you first sign up and purchase a starter kit. The Zyia Active Starter Kit costs $395 in the U.S. The kit includes Zyia clothes and a $200 Zyia gift card. You can even use your 25% rep discount with the gift card!

For me, the signing up to be a Zyia rep was a no-brainer. I figured the worst outcome would be having even more of the clothes I love and a 25% discount on my purchases.

The contents of the starter kit change from time to time, but it generally includes:

  • A Zyia jogger or legging
  • Tank
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Bra
  • $200 Zyia gift card
  • Catalog
  • Start-up guide
  • Order forms
  • Brochures
Contents of Zyia Rep Women's Starter Kit
Sample Women’s Starter Kit (contents may vary.) Remember, there’s a $200 gift card in there!

Now that I’ve signed up, any sales through my Zyia rep website earn me a commission. Commissions start at 20% and go up from there. If a rep’s personal volume for the month is over $1000, they earn an additional 8%!

How much you make and how much you work as a Zyia Active rep are up to you. My neighbor is a Zyia rep and supports her family of 6 very comfortably. Other reps just have fun with the social aspect of Zyia parties. Some reps simply sign up for the discount.

When you sign up, you will get a representative website free for the remainder of the current month and the following month. After that, the representative website will cost you $15/month unless you achieve a personal volume of $600 for the month. If you don’t feel like it is worth it for the sales or the discount, you can cancel your relationship with Zyia.

So, is being a Zyia rep worth it? It is for me, and many other women I know. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, I’d love to help!

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